Easy Pose is an app created by Madcat Games. Easy Pose was first published on . Easy Pose is available for Steam, Other.About This Software Easy Pose is a human body pose app designed for people who draw or are learning to draw.Easy Pose is a human body pose app for people who draw or is learning to draw. Have you ever wanted a professional a...

Easy Pose Review

Easy Pose is an application created by Madcat Games. Easy Pose was first published on . It is available for Steam, Other.

About This Software

Easy Pose is a human body pose app designed for people who draw or are learning to draw.

Easy Pose is a human body pose app for people who draw or is learning to draw. Have you ever wanted a professional as well as a personalized model who would perform a variety of poses to make drawing animation, illustrations, and sketching easier? Easy Pose has been created to make such a wish come true. By manipulating the 3D model on the screen, you can create poses seen in everyday life, sports, martial arts, etc., and then examine them from the desired angle.
Recognized for its excellence in functionality, Easy Pose has displayed a total of 10 million downloads from Google Play and the Apple App Store and has been selected as a recommended app numerous times. The app also made it to the finals of the innovation section in Made with Unity 18" and achieved the top ranking in the trend section of the Steam software category.

1. Easy Pose enables control over every human joint in a delicate and convenient way. Create poses in a manner that suits your taste by using the 3D gizmo and slide panel tools offered by the app. It is equipped with various functions that were not available in the existing pose apps, such as providing highlights on movable parts, initializing each joint, and utilizing symmetrical poses by taking advantage of the mirroring function.

2. Previous pose apps used wooden joint dolls or realistic eight-head ratio men and women, making it unsuitable for artists drawing animation, webtoon or game illustrations. Easy Pose is prepared with a variety of body types, ranging from four-head ratio cute men and women to six-head ratio men and women, men and women with a realistic body, and muscular men.

3. You can create numerous interesting scenes by placing multiple models onscreen at once. For example, you can produce scenes where many people are visible, such as a soccer player avoiding a tackle, a couple dancing while holding hands, and students studying in the classroom.

4. If you are experiencing difficulty making poses, take advantage of the poses provided by Easy Pose! Including frequently used poses, the app offers more than 1000 poses from various subjects such as sports, and these useful poses are constantly being updated. In addition, in order to improve the completeness of the pose, the app provides an editor that allows editing the preset poses of shoulders and hands as well as fingers

5. The app also provides a variety of small props, including figures, equipment, and teaching aids to create the desired scenarios and scenes. These are available in the props menu, and you can combine them to create backgrounds such as classrooms, study rooms, cities, and spaceships.

6. After selecting a model's hands, head, and feet, you can apply over 200 accessories, including hair, glasses, shoes, weapons and shields. These numerous props will make scenes you envisioned in a beautiful and gorgeous manner.

7. In addition to human models, Easy Pose offers a wide range of models, including dragons, horses, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and dinosaurs. It will assist greatly in drawing on a variety of topics such as racing, medieval fantasy, military, sci-fi, and more.

8. Select a human model and then the animation menu to see various types of animations about daily life, dance, and sports, and you'll see animations with walking as well as flying motions when it features dragons, horses, and dinosaurs. In animations, it is possible to view intermediate motions that cannot be seen in static poses. Choose your desired intermediate action and go to the pose editing screen to make the pose easy to draw

9. Make use of an array of features that have been implemented to create cool scenes conveniently and with ease.
1) Strength and direction designation of direct light and back light.
2) Observe at various angles using camera.
3) Realistic shadow expression.
4) Adjustable angle of view. (Provides an exaggerated vanishing point like a panorama.)
5) Resource grouping.
6) Coloring.
7) Copy and change models.
8) Wire and box mode.
9) Auto save.
10) Save only the appearance of the model as a PNG file without background.

10. The Steam version of Easy Pose offers the following advantages over the mobile version.
1) The Easy Pose Steam version includes the mobile version of the Pro version and all DLCs released until Q1 2021.
2) The Steam version of Easy Pose gives the model a color nude. In the case of the mobile version, it is prohibited to provide color nudes of models on Google Play and the Apple App Store.
3) The Steam version of Easy Pose provides 130 sexual poses. Likewise, sexual poses are content that cannot be provided in the mobile version.
4) You can back up files saved in the Steam version of Easy Pose or transfer them to another computer. Currently, files are stored in a designated folder, but in the future, we plan to provide a function to store files in a desired folder.
5) In the future, we plan to use the workshop to support users to share pose data.

- Supported Languages - Supports Korean, English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Arabic, German, French, Finnish. We also plan to support other languages through updates if you ask.
- In order to make the most of Easy Pose, make sure to familiarize yourself with the manual.
- In case of running into words and sentences that need editing, please take a screenshot and email us with alternative words or sentences.